It has fixed everything and
the healing has been permanent. I have been to doctors and none has solved my physical problems like Shiatsu.

J. L. 42



Shiatsulifts you up
to a state of total

T.R. 45


In Shiatsu, seems like they make little stitches and sew you back together, and nothing hurts afterwards.

C.R. 79


Shiatsu is like Feng Shui
for the body, it purifies, balances and gives direction.

N.T. 71


At a Shiatsu demostration,
I was Nilsa's model. In
less than three minutes,
my shoulder fell back into place. The pain that
I had been dragging for months, was gone. The astonishment was so great that I fell into uncontrollable laughter, because it was like magic

J.L. 47


A Shiatsu session is for me relaxation, relief of
the pain and joy of
the soul... to learn to know your spirit...anyway... evolve.

MJ.S. 48

Shiatsu has transformed my life... love at first sight, or touch. It relieved my physical ailments by working my mental afflictions. It is a body therapy that relieves a physical condition immediately by identifying the origin of the condition.

G.F. 41


The true benefits of Shiatsu come in time and the constancy of the sessions.

S.P. 78








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