Educating the public about the benefits of Shiatsu is one of my more significant tasks.

Inspire your family, group of friends,
your students, employees or
activity club with an active talk
on how to improve your quality of life.
At the same time, they can learn
simple self-activation techniques.

Bad posture and sitting
for hours causes back and neck pain and fatigue. Combined with stress, they are substantial causes of sick leave.

The service to companies helps to reduce stress levels and relieve annoying back pain. It can be done on a massage table or chair, if the company has a small room or private space. Between 10 to 20 minutes, each member of your company's staff will be renewed and ready to work with energy and vitality.

Birthday, Valentine's Day, Anniversary,
Christmas or just because you want
to give a moment of deep relaxation to someone who deserves it.

Mom, Dad, spouse, brother,
a friend or extended family,
each of them will thank you sincerely.

A one-hour Shiatsu session can do wonders when the body is under stress, anxiety, and everyday pressures.

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