My work in Shiatsu, as in my internal alchemy practices, is to observe and accompany the client in his self-discovery while symptoms and ailments dissolve. I create a safe space for you to discover your hidden potential. The Shiatsu therapist initiates a process through which the clients are supported in their journey toward awakening their consciousness and healing.

We create our reality. Recognizing, identifying, and accepting the problems that plague us expands the client's consciousness beyond the physical body. Thus, the energy channels open more quickly, and the work of balancing them deepens.

Since I set out on the path of learning these ancient arts, a few short and simple phrases have marked my person and my work the most. Becoming my mantras.

... less is more... 

These words were the first that the Shiatsu teacher told us at the beginning of the first course, and although it seems coincidental, they were also the words of my meditation Sifu. Simple, clear, and clean work leads to faster results. However, not because a bag full of the techniques is known; you must apply them all, stretch, or use more pressure. On the contrary, finding the middle point of perfect connection leads to the expansion of energy for both the practitioner and the recipient.

... be like water...

Although it is the most contradictory and changing element, its capacity is patience. A drop of water crosses an entire mountain until it reaches the center of the Earth, leaving its marks on all the stones it touches. The water always flows and finds a way to go through; otherwise, it transforms and continues its journey. Being like water in this job means flowing, being transparent, and being calm. Let everything come without forcing it, and everything continues without getting attached.

... observe nature...

In my years in Switzerland, the Bern Forest was behind my house and the great River Aare a few kilometers away. The Alps a few hours. How wonderful to sit, observe and absorb all the impulses of nature, animals, sounds, and sensations. Ducks swim upstream instead of fighting the current, squirrels spiral up and down trees, certain mushrooms grow on dead logs, and others on dry roadsides in full sun. The wind can caress your hair, like knocking down the tallest pines. The clouds transform without becoming attached to their past form. Now I rediscover the nature of Puerto Rico, the rivers, El Yunque, its caves, and the blue sea, my roots.

All the answers are encoded in the natural symbolism of the macrocosm. We are a perfect copy concentrated in this microcosm that we call the body.

... all is connected ...

Remember the chemistry class and the famous C H O N? This is our makeup and the universe. Everything is composed of the same seed; that is why we are fractals of All that is, and all is part of us.

Energy in all its forms of expression, density, and subtlety, even in its purest and intangible state of light, everything is connected. Stones, plants, animals, humans, clouds, and the Sun vibrate at a particular frequency, influencing everything around it. The slower this frequency, the denser the substance, and the faster, the more subtle.




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