The Rising Celestial Dragon and The Invisible Masters Book 1 is a compilation of practices and invocations I have kept safely for many years. These teachings come from ethereal sources and portray my consciousness expansion training journey. The exercises consist of visualizations that lead the mind to disappear and begin the journey toward the void.

It teaches you how to store your energy and use it as needed. There are guidelines on how to open each Tan Tien or energy center and recognize the pure intention of the heart as the most potent energy source. This experience will change your mind and your beliefs.

The purpose of this book is not that you do all the practices one after the other. After reviewing all the techniques, you should feel which resonates best with your current vibrational state. Make it yours: read it, understand it, practice it, cultivate it, and master it.

After a while, another practice will resonate with your new vibra-tional state, and the process will repeat itself. English has a specific vibration, and Spanish has another. Some words cannot be translated to reflect the same meaning, no matter how eloquent they sound. For this reason, I decided to leave each message as I received it. Use your dictionary or Google translator, as this book has texts in both languages.

There are no dogmas, rigors, or obligations. There are also no religious connections, restrictions, or laws. So don't try too hard, and have fun while you practice. The goal is to live your daily practice and make it a natural extension of yourself, like your breath. I wish you the best on your way to becoming the being of your being.

This book will stimulate your intellect and broaden your under-standing of levels of consciousness as it shows you the path to your inner truth...if you're ready.

The texts, practices, and exercises are intended to prepare, refine, and purify your being as you work with yourself and others. Immerse yourself in a world of luminous passages on the reality of your divine existence.

You will learn about Light as a healing substance and the different vibration levels—the ways to access the being of your being through clear and deep internalization.

Honor the subtlety of energy work as you surrender to your inner Light and enjoy the ride.



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