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Buenos días Nilsa,
Que día maravilloso, despertarme después de una noche sin interrupciones y sin dolor ninguno. Si, caí como Guanábana, normalmente me despierto como cinco o más veces durante la noche, pero anoche fué diferente, me desperté prácticamente en la misma posición en que me acosté.
Aunque me acosté todavía con molestia en el hombro, pero esta mañana fué fenomenal. No siento nada de dolor. Hiciste un trabajo excepcional, te felicito, muchas gracias. Estoy mirando en la agenda cuando puedo regresar, la cita va.

Estoy interesado en mejorar mis meditaciones. Actualmente tengo dificultad en meditar porque mi mente se distrae mucho y no me deja concentrarme, como dije a mi esposa; mi mente tiene ADD (Attention Deficit Disorder) y no me deja enfocar. La sesión de ayer me ayudo con el sueno y esto es muy bueno porque hoy no me siento cansado y hasta ahora no he bostezado, que normalmente lo hago cada cinco minutos.
Que tenga un bonito día.

hubiese querido expresarte mi agradecimiente antes de salir de allí hoy, pero me sentí muy emotiva con el tema y lo que ha sido mi experiencia bajo la luz de tus manos. no soy de muchas palabras. o bueno, soy de muchas palabras, pero no palabras que me afecten emocionalmente. no quiero dejar pasar el día sin dejarte saber que haz sido de gran aportación para mí tanto fisica como emocionalmente. me conectas; cada vez. y me expones todas y cada una de las cosas que llevo dentro. pienso mucho en cada ocurrencia que dices. pienso mucho y analizo. mucho mas de lo que pueda expresar en simples palabras.

haces bien... tu prescencia se siente bien. tu energia se siente bien. lo que irradias es espectacular. estoy segura que no haz llegado a mi vida por casualidad; no creo en casualidades. mas bien causalidades. estaré analizando mis asuntos para actualizar cuando y como realmente podré seguir visitandote o bueno, cada cuanto tiempo podré ir. pero bueno, ya me verás por allí. el tiempo dispondrá para esto.

agradecida, Saribelle Muñoz Bonilla

Hello Nilsa

quite happy for the occasion to write to you (even if English is not my most perfect mean of expression...) on this new year's eve. Since you left Switzerland again in december I had to realise you really left, Monday I phoned to look for a new therapist, but I know: it might be
ok, but I can't imagine it will be an experience as interesting and important to me than Shiatsu with you has been. I feel I really found with you a person who was able to lead me out of my own black box and accompany me, with severity sometimes and with an always warm, cheerful
and generous presence always.

I'm grateful for that and I send you my best wishes for a most happy new year/life and I hope you will always find means to encourage others with your good energy!

Much love to you and your family
Kathrin Deneys-Bürgi
Bern, Schweiz

At the beginning, Shiatsu ment to me the way to relaxation, doing something good for myself. Soon enough I started to discover the other aspects of Shiatsu. One of course was the deep relaxation I felt, in other sessions something was moving in my soul. With Nilsa and through her, I realized how often my emotional side mirrored my physical state.

Many of the behavior patterns and charachter traits are "written" on the body, and she was reading them. This is the more interesting aspect, although, it scared me to confront my transparency. I had different experiences, feelings of energy, relaxation, sadness, confusion, indecision, would I want to integrate all these feelings? I could easily keep on hiding them, Sometimes it was very physical, my channels seemed to reject the treatment and felt pain. Of course my carefully styled hair suffered the marvels of head Shiatsu.

With time I learned that pain shows different "qualities". There is a good type of pain that opens up what seems to be closed, another can be deep and blunt or like an electric shock spreading all over or like stinging needles.

How am I going to work all these findings? Maybe, I just put them aside like many of the things I always wanted to do and change. But knowing ll these is a big step. It might seem boring, thinking that there is nothing in which I could work on. I am excited to see how this is going to work.

What always fascinated me the most is Nilsa's accuracy to find out what was going on in my soul. Shiatsu has motivated me to deal intensively with myself again.

Thank you very much Nilsa and good luck
M. Bonnemeier, Aarau, Schweiz


I had tried different therapies against shoulder and back pain, did'nt want to take more pills and my husband suggested Shiatsu.
Everything seemed to be clogged in my body, everywhere Nilsa touched was sensitive. What is this? I asked myself. The funny thing is that she laughed and said" you'll see how it changes", to my amazement, after a few times over the same area, it did changed. My whole body felt lighter...clean. After a few sessions, my back pain vanished.
Nilsa has a special way of describing situations, always using images and metaphores, which actually made it easier for me to understand some of the chinese phylosophy. The ones I like the must are, "feels like a dirty windshield, all muddy, where you dont see through" and, "is like a little flame jumping around looking for the bonfire". I could always relate to what she ment.

I must say, Shiatsu builded me up, from this deep relaxation I got since I entered the room, to so much energy I did'nt know what to do with my legs. I was not always rosy confronting the fears of the past that came up as my channels opened up. One day, I woke up and decided to take my life in my hands, and Nilsa's Shiatsu was very much responsible for it.

We miss you
J. Stambach/U. Brossi
Bern, Schweiz