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My work with Shiatsu and the KUNLUN ® System, is to observe and assist the client in their path of self-discovery, while symptoms and ailments dissolve away. As a Shiatsu therapist, I see myself as an instrument that initiates a process of awakening in the client, keeping a safe space for them to discover their own potential.

We create our own reality. To recognize, identify and accept the problems that beset us, expands the client's awareness beyond the physical body. Opens up the energy channels more easily, thus, enhancing the work to balance them.

Since I walked the path of the apprentice of these ancient arts, there are a few short, simple phrases that have marked me and my work. Becoming sort of my mantras.

... less is more...

These were the first words said by my Shiatsu teacher at the first course and oddly also coincidence were the words of my Sifu. A simple, clear and clean work leads to a faster result. No need to apply all the techniques that are known, or more fancy stretches or more pressure. Quite the opposite, finding the perfect midpoint connection leads to an effortless expansion of energy, both for the practitioner and the receiver.

... be like water...

Although it is the most contradictory and changing of all elements, its capacity is patience. A drop of water traspasses an entire mountain till it reaches the center of the Earth, leaving it marks on all the stones it touches. Water flows, always finds the way trough ...if not, transformes and continues its journey. To be like water in this work means to flow, be transparent and calm. Let it all to come without force and leave everything go without attachments.

... observe nature ...

In my years in Switzerland, the forest was few meters behind my house, the Great River Aare a few kilometers, the Alps a few hours away. How wonderful being able to sit, observe and absorb all the impulses of nature, animals, sounds and sensations. Ducks rather swim effortlesly upstream along the shore than to fight the strong current in the middle, squirrels spiral up and down the trees, certain kinds of fungi are found on dead logs and other on the edge of the dry ground in full sun. The wind can caress your hair, as well as knock down the taller pines. The clouds transform without sticking to their past form.

All responses are encoded in the natural symbolism of the macrocosm. We are a perfect concentrated copy in this microcosm we call body.

...all is connected...

Remember your chemistry class and the famous CHON. This is not only our composition, but from our entire universe. Everything is made from the same seed, so we are part of everything and everything is part of us. This is the One Law.
The energy in all forms of density even in its most pure and intangible state of light, everything is connected. The stones, plants, animals, humans, clouds, sun, everything vibrates at a particular frequency, which influences everything else around. The slower the frequency, the denser the substance, the faster, so less dense.

Shiatsu has become my way of life. Living my art is what I do.